Horses are the best teachers in letting the story go, or better, letting everything that bother us, that doesnt suit us at best go.
Have you ever watched a herd of horse? have you noticed that when they fight or play it hard they dont spare kicks, bites and lunging against one another? But then after that they just go “back to grazing”like nothing happened.
this is because they don’t worry about what the other horse is thinking of him or they dont hold a grudge. They simply live the moment and after that moment everything goes back to be simple.
Horse need to spare energy, for flying away from predators ( and dont have time nor the capability to think about what has happened. For them the moment is all it matters. The moment is what it’s important.
Us, humans instead think over and over about the “what” “How” “Why” and so on, filling our brains with disturbing thoughts that are only a burden and make us not sleep at night.
If only we could learn from them to let the story go, not to get fixated on the story and take whatever comes as a teaching, seeing it in a light that can make us better!
When we say “I hate this or that or her or him” we start an overthinking process that affects not only our brain but put body, that has receptors in and out and every experience stays with us for ever (Epigenetics teaches this). If we can learn from the horses that there si no point, there’s nothing good in keep looping around what happened and instead we let go of whatever has happened to us, we can live better, in peace and serenity, with others and with ourselves.
In my practice, when someone has the brain full of thoughts, full of memories that overload their every day life, usually the horse doesnt want to have anything to do with them. But as soon as they acknowledge what is bothering them and then they let go, really let go, here the horse comes! In all it’s power and softness and presence.
They dont understand our thought process, they are wired differently and we can just learn that every story, CAN have an end, if we only let it go!

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