Our herd is composed of 6 horses for 23 to 6 year old and all coming from different situations, some very bad some less but still some damage were done at a point in their life.
Our Association was born with the intent to help humans and horses to understand each other better, approaching them from their point of you. Letting them free of the burden of carrying someone on their back, or having to “perform” in any ways. They older ones are all retired, the two younger ones are just starting going through education not mounted and respecting their timing (Kairos not Kronos…)

The Horse Guided Experience are a moment of deep connection in harmony with them, with just trying to understand what they are telling you, by listening to one’s heart and soul. I have experienced this years before I met my own herd, and that I always wanted to share with people.

Your donations will help us with the following
– Monthly Hay and straw
– A help for cleaning up the open stall and the terrain around it, where the horses station the most (In order for us to be able to work on many projects coming in we are in need of someone, daily, to help around. The cost is about 150€ a week.
– vet annually vet check (x6)
– construction material for fixing fences, buying more poles and enlarging the space for the horses
– rent for the space at the “Cascina della Luce”

Anything helps, we are also always looking for volunteers and we are associated with www.wwoof.it.

For donations: please ‘send to friends or family option’ with Paypal 


or via bank transfer

IBAN: DE6410012628665391
Bank Address:
N26 Bank GmbH, Kklostersraße 62 10179 Berlin Germany
Name on account: Emma Lucia Trossarelli (President of the Association Ca Dij Cavaij)

Thank you! Grazie di cuore!

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