Why horses?

Horses live in the present, and only in the present you can truly and profoundly connect with them. They teach us how to stay present, how to focus ourselves on our breathing and how to love every moment we are in.


Interacting with horses release Oxytocin and hormone that is present in human beings and that facilitates aggregation, softness and wellbeing. Just by being in their presence is healing.


Horses teach us how to use our emotions, how to understand them, understand the message behind them and use this awareness to better connect with ourselves.


Horses have a high developed ability to sense change in the stance and arousal levels of others in the herd and in the outside environment. They are able to transfer this ability to show us what we are really feeling, rather thinking we are feeling in that moment.
Horses’ way of communicating is very fine tuned to their body emotions and to their energy field (that bubble of energy that all beings have around them and that it is emanated by the body and felt by other beings body’s). By relating to horses we learn how to tune in that energy field and how to use our body as an antenna.
Horses also communicate a lot with their body, being aware of ones body in every moment of the day is important to make us completely aware of our surroundings. This helps to being more connected to ourselves as well, being able to make decisions and live and work with a perfect balance within.

Horses are social animals and are preyed upon. This status makes them extremely aware at not to waste energy that could be used for something important like run from a predator. Their sociability is based upon Consensual Leadership, Authenticity vs. Perfection, Congruency vs. Conformity,¬†…

… ¬†Adaptability and curiosity vs. Method and rigidity and these characteristics are the base for starting a different way of building our community whether it is at home or at work or in our social life.


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