Welcome to the blog of Ca Dij Cavaij

– the place where we will tell the stories of the farmhouse and its inhabitants;
– the place where we will host external blogs, on various topics such as:

  • horses, obviously and mainly;
  • small animals and cohabitation with other animals (large and small);
  • human beings, their evolution towards a more holistic approach
    (now that has been deprived of its original meaning, and now attributed to anything that is “different” from the traditional way (which has decided).

We will tell how this place has seen the light, how the 6 horses that live here and that are the protagonists, arrived.
Of how even in the absurd difficulties encountered, this Association and the Cascina (called Cascina Della Luce) that hosts it are offering the community new experiences, not attached to dogmas, politics, religions or anything similar, in which human beings and nature (the animals, the forest, the terra, the hills) coexist, intertwine in a dance with the shamanic drums, meeting a curious face of a horse, tasting the local products of our hills.

We will talk about how the philosophy that we implement is not revealed only in the relationship with the horses, but with all those who come to visit us, to participate in seminars, retreats or simply to dinner among members.
First of all freedom, with the respect of the neighbour of the other (the other as another living being in general), kindness and openness new, allow us to continue our journey in harmony.

From March to November the Association offers seminars and retreats of various kinds; experiential weekends with Horse Guided Experience and E.M.M.A., Mindfulness, shamanic drums and horses, an experience not to be missed at the beginning of the season is the 26th and 27th March with Doña Laura Ines Huaman shaman of the Andean tradition who brings her wisdom and experience to Italy.



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