Equine Masters Multidisciplinary Approach©

Introduction to E.M.M.A© (Equine Masters Multidisciplinary Approach©)

A Horse Guided Experience


A new way of being with horses, a new way to be guided (lead? accompanied?)by them in a journey where old, new, and what still has to come are merging as one.

Horses are Masters of Presence, of non judgment and of the flowing of things in the movement.

They become our help into identifying, understanding and using our emotions and then deciphering the information behind such emotion and ultimately they show us how to let them finally go,to live better and lighter.

The Approach Starts from the horse’s essence and point of view; it integrates the Eponaquest Approach (developed by Linda Kohanov) with life experiences coming from different paths of self-discovery, with and without the horses.

By exploring the horse-human relationship through the eyes of the emotions shown, the facilitator is able to give a feedback based on

  • Horse’s body movement and behaviour
  • Horse breathing
  • Human body expressions
  • Human breathing
  • Shared presence, meditation, drumming, chanting and pure silent observation of the herd.

The horse experience is then integrated with creative engagements, as such:

  • Mandala drawing, painting or building to explore the intention(s): listening to the body for a more profound connection with nature and ourselves.
  • Meditation (mindfulness) to find our centre and from the centre grow roots as strong and flexible as hoofs.
  • Breathing and listening to the group or nature.
  • Shared circle and feedback.
  • And many more creative spaces depending on the season and workshop time frame.

This approach gives each participant all the necessary tools for a serene and profound experience.

The herd supports us to reconnect to our true self; interacting at liberty amongst them, they give a feedback that gives space for sharing and processing the experiences.

Horses reconnect us by showing us how to be in the present, by being vs. doing; emotion vs logic; congruence vs. incongruence; collaboration vs.single needs; consensual leadership vs. dominance, and in this context of NON JUDGMENT human being find themselves on a preferred pathway to a different kind of openness and expression that little has to do with the spoken word.

Horses master the non-verbal communication by using their body as an antenna that receives information and sends them back. So is the human body. That continuously downloads information from the outside world, and after having assimilated them through all the senses (much more than just 6!) it sends them back.

Emotions are the first way for our body to talk to us, letting us know something’s happening. The same goes on in the horse’s body. The separation is the human’s mind. By using the emotions and our energy field to understand what is happening around us, the better we can act upon it and understand the message. And go back to grazing. Or doing what we want.

Horses are conscious beings and as such teach us how to be aware of what we do, when we do it and how we do it.

And they are able to clearly show us when we are kidding ourselves.

To understand yourself through the eyes of another sentient being is an adventure of the spirit in an enchanted forest.

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