Ca Dij Cavaij
Via Derocati Inferiore 6/2
10090 Cinzano, Torino,
Cell +39 333 803 9244


May 04 - 05 2019


All Day


€ 150 including lunch on both days

Mindfulness, Drums and Horses

Ca Dij Cavaij will host Graeme Green from The Mindful Horse (UK) for a weekend of mindfulness, drums and horses.
It will be an experiential weekend in which horses and drums will take us on a journey of colours, sounds, perfumes, dances and joy.
Together we will explore mindfulness, drums and intuitive energy works, connected with the horses and with mother earth.

From the outside in to the inside out.

What if we took control of ourselves, what if we took responsibility and ownership, what if we stopped being a reflection of that person that others project upon us.
In western cultures we traditionally let others opine what is going on within us, experts, gurus, teachers, priests; to name a few. In contrast the more contemplative traditions of the East encourage to explore who we are and how we are from the inside.
How much different would our lives be if we recognized the choice and influence that might grow from such self-awareness.
From the outside in to the inside out invites you to step into the mirror. To see from within the reflection, but with the added value of an invitation to change.

During the workshop we will:
– Explore the narrative of the hero in the story that is our lives, in meditation, discussion and illustration
– Understand and engage the influencers of our hero self
– Undertake various breath and body led contemplative exercises to reflect on our story and learn about the shapes that underlie who we are
– Take time to understand how we might rewrite that story and reshape our hero, by working in small groups, shamanic practice and alongside the horses, recognizing that we can create the future
– Understand how we might develop compassion for all the characters, heroes and villain, and why that is important.

Early bird price by April 20th.
For info:
[email protected]


Non-refundable deposit of €50 required when booking

Lunches (Saturday and Sunday) and refreshments included.

Easy to reach from all over Europe
Lovely local B&B with exceptional food all around the Farm.

30 minutes from Torino
20 minutes from the International Airport
Leader: Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse (UK).
Places limited to 12 participants.


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