Experience The Healing Power of Horses

Ca Dij Cavaij

Equine Facilitated Learning & Healing in the Heart of Piedmont

We offer a Space For Self-Discovery, Transformation And Healing In Nature.

Rediscover Yourself, Free Your Potential, Reclaim Your Personal Power
with the help of our Horses and various Personal Growth and Development Retreats.

Brush off your long cherished dreams. Return to Centre. Connect with your Heart’s desires.
Learn how to integrate it all in your everyday life.

What we offer

Ca Dij Cavaij is a peaceful place in nature for you to relax and renew – (re)connect to your innate wisdom – with the help of our horses, retreats and workshops, or your own private hideaway.

At the Farm:

Personal Growth and Development workshops and retreats in nature and silence

Event location for weddings, private parties and food experiences

With the Help of the Horses:

Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Guided Experience with E.M.M.A.©

Eponaquest™️ Equine Facilitated Learning Workshops

Personalised Self-Discovery & Self-Mastery Retreats (Weekend or longer) for Individuals or Groups



Upcoming Events

From March to November we have a rich calendar of events aimed at your wellbeing and personal growth.
Horse guided experiences, spiritual retreats, shamanic ceremonies, and more . . .

What People Say about us

A magical place, for everybody, kids, adults and our furry friends as well.

Jenny Bella

"A unique and innovative approach for human horse relationship in Italy, facilitated by Emma, a very well prepared practitioner and a emphatic, attentive and respectful person."

Emanuela Grisanti

"A wonderful and welcoming place for anybody who loves nature and animals and is looking for aprofound experience with them."


Alis Svoja Lucchitta

"A second home away from home for everybody, wonderful happenings...this place vibrates with Mother Earth."

Federico P James

"A second family made of people and animals, thank you Emma and Corrado and all the furry friends."

Alessandro Stella De Carne

From our Blog 

Winter Magic at Ca Dij Cavaij

Winter Magic at Ca Dij Cavaij

Ca Dij Cavaij it's also this, the pristine woods, the absence of cars or dangers (we're situated at the end of a "cul de sac", just by the pathway that leads up to the woods), just me and the girls and some random horse 😁. Being able to just go with no...



Welcome to the blog of Ca dij Cavaij,
the place where the stories of the farmhouse and its inhabitants will be shared and told; the place where we will host external blogs, on various topics such as: horses, obviously and mainly

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